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Great change is now afoot.


Hello friends.


Here, at Lazarus Adventures, we care about more than just vaping.  What we care about is your health.  Our belief is that vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes.  If it were not for vaping, there would still be many people struggling to quit smoking.


In my mind, even amidst the controversy, we should all be thankful that the e-cig industry has taken its necessary steps to become legitimate in the eyes of the business holder.  You cannot say that it is not a legitimate business, when there is a real need within the public ground that is being tended to by a real product.  Every little e-cig shop that you find will be run by the everyday working man, just looking to support his or her community.


Have you ever actually walked into one of those shops?  I have, personally, yet to run into someone who is unfriendly.  The only thing that these shops want is the best for people.


Anyway, my point here is that we should all be thankful for the presence and the impact the e-cig community has had.  Not only because of a change in people’s smoking habits, but also because there has been a slow change in the way that people look at health in general.  Now, I’m not saying that the e-cig industry has been able to accomplish this all on its own, but it sure couldn’t have hurt.


To be honest, what I see at the moment, is the entire industry is now coming upon a potential wave, due to a new movement within the industry.  One company, located in Japan, may have seriously shifted the entire playing ground for the industry.  Their latest product is the epidemy of what serious vapers look for when they think about what they would want out of their ideal device.


The key word here is ideal.  Anytime there is something that seems to match our current vision for whatever the ideal happens to be, then our entire experience changes.  We transcend the old, and we then become a new thing.  This is what I see as being possible for the entire industry with the introduction of this new, ground-breaking device.


Before I forget, the company is Uwell, and their product is the Nunchaku.  A what?  Nunchaku.  It is a simple stick-style vape pen with a button on the side and a whopping…wait for it…80 watts.  The amount of effective vaping that you get with these mere 80 watts is actually astoundingly well done with this particular device.  The secret just so happens to lie within the juiciest of all possible places.  The atomizer.  No pun is intended here, folks.


The atomizer itself was made by Nunchaku, and it was made specifically for this kit.  It has a design that allows for being efficient on juice, while also saving on power.  The result is a cloud that is full of flavor, and somehow also really big, but it manages to do so without being intense.  I vape on 9 milligrams of nicotine through mine, which I just purchased recently, and I have not had any problems with the atomizer acting bogged down.  I have now had it for about 2 weeks.  That is impressive.


Imagine a small metal tube, or a capsule, if you will.  If you look down into it from the top, you can see that there is a portion of metal before the cotton begins.  I would imagine that this would help to create a smooth, even current throughout the coil.  In theory, as far as I can tell, the coil is charging itself every time you take a drag.


The coil is, in essence, using its own conduction to both create more vapor, and to reduce the charge that it needs to take from the battery.  These 2 reactions happening at the same time creates a vapor that acts like a succulent cloud.


As if that weren’t enough, they even got the atomizer to not need a thread.  Meaning there is no need to screw it or unscrew it.  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  It is easy to grab, and you simply apply a little pressure.  You do have to screw on the stopper on the bottom, but it screws into the glass portion, while the atomizer fits right into a little cubby-space inside of the stopper.  I will take this beautiful piece of equipment from there, thank you very much.


The one and only draw-back to this device that I have noticed is that if you use a different battery than the one that is suggested for this particular device, then you may experience that your battery might want to short out as you are taking a drag.  While I do agree that may not be fitting into the ideal picture that I was referencing to before, there is just way too heavy of a positive side to this e-cig for me to not love it dearly.


A friend of mine introduced it to me, and I had to have one.


If you want to check out this e-cig for yourself prior to either ordering it, or finding a shop that has one, then I implore you to take a look at the following 3 resources.  They are the same as my previous blog, which also is taking a look at the Nunchaku.  There are 2 reviews, and one website that is showing the breakdown of the product to show you what you are getting into before you even take a drag.  You are also able to purchase one for either yourself or a significant other through that very website, and at a relatively affordable price.


Unfortunately, because this e-cig is so new…not all stores are carrying it…as of yet.


The more we all vape on it…the faster we can make the evolution of this industry take a rightful step forward.


If you would like to see a video review of this device, then I urge you to take a step inside this wonderful woman’s YouTube channel.  As a side-note, she does reference not being able to change the ohms meter from being .27 ohms, but I have not personally had that happen to me.  At the moment, mine is reading as being on .28 ohms.  To be honest, I am not really too sure about how to explain that particular difference.  Perhaps that would be due to using different levels of either the vg or the pg?  There is also the chance that it could maybe even be the nicotine?


Regardless, here is the link to go to her video review:


On the other hand, if you are someone who would rather read about this device, then please welcome yourself to visit the following link:


Finally, if you would like to go ahead and purchase this device for yourself, or someone who occupies a special place in your heart and mind, then this link will bring you to your desired wonderland of vaping:


It has been my utter pleasure to be able to impart this information to the people of the world who fight for what they love.  Aside from being able to enjoy this new product, my hope is that the perspective that I am working to express within this post is enlightening to those who are speculative of the possibilities that are contained within such an industry.


Thank you for gifting us with some of your time, dear people, and for opening yourself to the curiosities that are contained within this world of e-cig usage.


Until the next time I have something to share…


Vape on…and push forward.


The wishing of safe travels goes out to you and yours.


Peace, Love, and Cheers, folks.


~~~Live – Learn – Educate~~~