wismec-theorem-rta-660x330The vaping industry steps up its game, yet again.

There is a new drip whip in town.  She’s all the buzz, at an attractive price.

The Wismec Theorem RTA.  A unique name, indeed.  Let’s check her out, shall we?

I should open by saying that this device is all about enhanced flavor.  The tank places the atomizer a bit higher than normal, so that fluid can be underneath the atomizer, instead of above it.  You get a more intense vape, but I will get to the science of that in a little bit.  The tank is designed to be used with either a bottom coil, or a vertical coil.  There is even a distinct airflow control for each of the coil options.  This is a very unique tank.  The first of its kind.

The Notch coils that were tested for this device registered at a .25 ohm resistance.  It is connected to the atomizer deck with a non-resistant wire.  It is a large coil that produces a lot of vapor, and quickly.

Okay, that is all well and good, but, you might be thinking, “Nate, if the atomizer is located in the top part of the tank, how do you use all of the e-liquid?  I surely don’t want to waste any of my precious juice!”  Well, you don’t have to.  Even though the atomizer is in the top part of the tank, the cotton will be hanging down, into the lower part of the tank, sucking up any juice that might be laying around.  That’s right.  NOW your e-cig works for YOU!  Well, wouldja look at that?!

So, I encourage all serious vapers who are looking for a flavor boost to give this device a try.

As always, keep vapin!

Let the good times roll!

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Safe travels.