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Hello there to you, my dear family.



Unlike other families, the trait that makes this one so unique, is that it can be seen from all around the world.




That’s right my friends.  This whole e-cig movement is one that is for a global cause, albeit does seem to have a way of shifting individual communities along the way.




A stark sense of an individualistic and an idealistic goal-line does seem to, at least from my own perspective, be both the start, and the finish…to this whole deal of madness that our ever-so-enduring community has chosen to be able to put up with over these last few years.




My dear friends.  Family.










We are now more strong than ever before.








This Holiday season is closing in on us, here in America.



What I want to give thanks for this year is the ability that every single person either within or even in support of this giant industry has shown.





The ability…to stick around.









Each and every single one of us has chosen to keep showing off all of their full-throttle support, and on an on-going and continual basis.




I am very proud of this community.






We are both an industry and a community, and the one thing that really stands out as our one, single, united-minded belief that holds all of us together, is just this…we believe in good things.  There is a value to goodness.  It may not be a huge system of some sort, but it does stand strong, and it does stand proud.



There has been a new addition to our world, which I can only imagine will just but further serve our purposes of moving forward with this industry.




Smok.  I am sure that you have heard of them.





If not?  Then…welcome.





Smok has, somehow, throughout the entire evolution that this e-cig industry scene has seen so far, seemed to be this one, seemingly constant, true champion.   They seem to always be able to take at least one step ahead of wherever the rest of the game happens to be at whenever they have a new product to launch out into the wilderness.  I swear it to you, I think they may have come up with something big in their new device.


The Smok G-Priv.




I wasn’t too aware of how awesome of a device that thing could really be until I had just recently purchased the tank part of their new kit.






As luck would have it, one of my old tanks was just getting way too old to be working on the same level as the rest of my stuff.  So, I brought my e-cig into the nearest shop that is by me.  What I ended up being directed to was the same tank that is actually on the G-Priv Baby Kit, the Smok TFV12 Mini-Prince.  Smok’s new kit, as aforementioned above, in the previous one line of text.





For lack of a better phrase, you seriously are going to have to give this tank a try.






One problem that I did happen to run into, however, was that the particular mod that I was using to break in my new tank, actually started to short out on it’s connection to my tank after a few days of vaping on it.  Luckily, it was of no problem for me, because I happen to also have a much bigger mod for those tanks that seem to need a more hefty device.  I have since switched from my Alien mod that goes to 80 watts, to my Wismek Theorem that runs at a smooth 200 watts.  Very stable base to hold into, and very easy to use.  I have actually had it accidentally be practically thrown to the ground onto a hard-tiled kitchen floor on one occasion.



That was just about one year ago.  Let me say this – if you would like for there to be someone who can be there for your very own “word on the street” kind of advice – then you can think of Lazarus as your one-stop-shop.



Trust me when I say this, I have not had one-single problem with my Wismek either before, or after that hopefully never-to-happen again, almost all-too-tragic incident.  Not one problem.






Sure, it is maybe a little bit of money depending on which mod you would choose to go with, but I ended up going with a more expensive mod, just because I know that this e-cig stuff is incredibly better for me than smoking.  So be it, I personally will always choose to go with the best possible experience for myself.



I now have a seriously awesome e-cig, and a couple more to boot.





However, this new tank has me feeling…oh gee…I don’t know…what is that word…oh…THAT’s the word!!!










This exchange of mods really seems to be bringing out the best of both worlds from each the mod, and the tank.



So, this made me wonder, originally as more of a side-note, what other kinds of new and cool awesome things are out hiding away on Smok’s website?





Low and behold, right there on their front page, is the e-cig that my tank is supposed to go with.  The G-Priv Baby Kit.




Sleek and gold, and very, very updated within its on-screen navigation system.




It is now both touch-screen…and…able to be updated.











Excuse me?  Oh, dear old sweet-sweet-baby-Jesus holy crap do I…mmm…yeah…I do…I think I need one of those.




To add to this awesome moment, I must add this right here, the price was only around $100.




For those of you who, like me, have gone around to the various stores and various web-sites in the search for a truly awesome mod, really do know by now, that price for a complete sub-ohm device is a huge bargain of a deal.



I have, since this discovery, gone ahead and purchased one for myself directly from their website.



Unfortunately, the estimated time of arrival for my package was just this past Friday, which is actually one day after I had to leave my home in order to initiate my personal plans for my yearly Holiday travels.  I will be returning back to my home as of tomorrow night, and from that point I will be able to delve into their new device.



For your very own thought and consideration…






The Smok G-Priv Baby Kit





So, wherever you are in this big world of ours, thank you so much for being a part of the greatest industry and the greatest community that our world has of just this lately been able to catch a glimpse of.


We are like a shimmery-and-lucky of the one-of-a-kind variety of fish that someone, if they are really truly lucky enough, will get the chance to be able to see for just that one, very particular glimpse in time.  This is a moment that is come and gone just as quickly as you had the time to realize what just exactly you had just seen.


This is a moment that is just to be seen immediately swimming back-on-down into the deep-yonder, leaving you in ponder as you are left to just go off in wonder.  This encounter has simultaneously been swept away by time, while also leaving you rendered speechless, as many, many un-answered questions just so happen to ever-so-slowly make their way towards the surface of your consciousness.


The truth shall come up to the light…one little, tiny, innocent bubble at a time.




Until the rapture hits…



Our job is the same job that it has been from the start…





We take our steps forward…one vape at a time.



So, until we meet again.



Safe Travels…and vape on.






My next visit here I will be locked-and-loaded with my own, personal review of this new device made by our both wonderful and youthful kingdom, which has decided to come over here from just across the street.



Cheers to you…and cheers to Smok!!!




Until the next time that we are able to meet up…and catch up on our various-and-casual-vaping-what-nots.










Please check out the new G-Priv Baby Kit!!!





Safe Travels!!!










~~~Live – Learn – Educate~~~