Hello there, folks.



There are times in our lives where we all need a little bit of rejuvenation.


That source of rejuvenation may at times be a long drive through the country side, and at other times that feeling of a refreshing mountain breeze while on a hike through the Andes Mountains may be just the trick that you need on a precious day off from work.


However, for some of you, the ideal way to get a kick start onto your system may be to add a little bit more nicotine into your favorite new e-juice.  Just a drop or 3 will do the trick if you happen to be having one of those more rough days while at the office.


If there are any people out there who are like me, then your preferred level of nicotine may vary to some degree from day to day.  Then, sometimes there are those days when you might feel like you may be needing some kind of middle ground.  Lucky for you, here at Lazarus Adventures, we specialize in providing just such a service for you.


Our pride and joy as a company lies in getting our customers from point A to point Z with little to no messing around in between.  In other words, we will hit all of your sweet-spots.


If you would like to get yourself a little hitch on down the line (Waking Life), then you can follow us down town to the tunnel of Czar nicotine tubes.  These precious little bundles have already made themselves the perfect travel companion on our groovy journey into the center-fold of the public eye.


We would like to take this time to proudly invite you along with us on this ride-along into the center of all of the wonderful action that you can possibly handle.


Czar nicotine tubes are the one-of-a-kind choice for all of you one-of-a kind vape studs out there in the world of yours and yonder.



Please let us know what you are seeking in terms of your experience with vaping, and we will gladly get you set up with your ideal nicotine level.



Let us guide the way…as you vape the way.



We are honored to service your needs.




Until we shall meet again…


…stay strong



…vape strong…




Cheers to you and yours…



~~~Live – Learn – Educate~~~