vape-moneyAre you one of those people who would like to try vaping, but you think is it too expensive?  Worry not.

That is a fear that is totally understandable.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

E-cigs can be expensive, yes, but there is no need to worry, because that part is up to you.  The only reason that e-cigs would become an expensive habbit for you is if you decide to get into them as a hobby, or a “point-of-interest”, rather than simply quitting smoking.  If you only have the goal of quitting smoking, the prices that are seen in the e-cig world are not really that daunting.  I mean, cell phones these days can be pretty expensive, and everyone has one of those.  Sure, you may spend a couple hundred, but, guess what?  That’s it.  It’s not like people cop out and use phone booths to save money.

Anyway, the point is, e-cigs are the same way.  The e-cig is the phone, and the fluid is the monthly bill.  Now think about this.  If you smoke a carton in a week and a half, let’s say you’re spending an average of 50 dollars a week.  You already know that money is gonna add up fast.  Now, think about vaping on an e-cig.  The hits are more concentrated, so you don’t need a whole lot, so you are using less fluid right there.  So, lets say a 30 dollar 50ml bottle lasts you a week.  Plus, because the hits are more concentrated than a regular cigarette, you actually feel less of a need to vape over time, rather than more  So, at first your 50 ml bottle will last you say, a week.  Then that week will turn into a week and a half, and that, two weeks, and so on.  Again, if you only motive to vape is to quit smoking, following that trend will actually cause you to spend less and less money over time.

Even if you vape for the rest of your life, all I see is green money symbols in my eyes.  Even if you spend 20 less dollars a week for the rest of your life… I even need a calculator to make my point?  I didn’t think so.

So, you see, vaping can either be an expensive hobby, or a money saving life giver.  It all depends on your motive.

E-cigs are quite an enjoyable thing, no matter how you use them.  They are a gift to cherish.

Go out on an e-cig adventure, and tell me what you find!

As always, keep on vapin’.

Safe travels.