“Nicotine vapor represents the potential of achieving one of the great health miracles of our time.”Doctor Siegel

A beautiful article was posted on an e-cig news website just this past Thursday, March 10th.  A team of scientists were funded by the British American Tobacco company, and they used the technology made by the MatTek Corporation.  A team of scientists used a robot that had human lung tissue inside of it.

They exposed the tissue to 6 straight, consistent hours of tobacco smoke, nicotine vapor, and room air.  The lung cells were dead after the cigarette smoke, and the effects of the vapor were indistinguishable from room air.  They found that the aerosols in the nicotine vaper have to effect on human air pathway tissue.  They also say that the conclusion of this study supports many other recent studies that have been done.  The article says that “(I)in many cases researchers intentionally overheat the eliquid in order to create toxins. To be real, you would not want to vape overheated eliquid. It tastes disgusting. It is not reasonable to assume that anyone would vape overheated ejuice.” – Matt McConnell

This article is very telling.  It, very much so, shows how mis-information can be started and spread throughout the general public.  Also, it is fantastic, that not only have we taken a massive leap in our position for this movement, on top of that, we also now have a great proponent for our side, Dr. Siegel.  This is turning into a one-sided battle, and boy, have we got an army on our side.  Let’s keep this fire rollin’, baby!

You can read the full article here.