Peaceful vaping

Zen vape









Hello there, my fellow dear Traveling Companions,



When I had first started this journey into the world of electronic cigarettes, I was a long-time smoker.

I used to absolutely love cigarettes.







For me, however, it was never about being one of the “cool kids” or even about just being “one of the crowd”.

For me, being a smoker was always about just getting the nicotine.

For me, being a smoker was always about having just the right state of mind.

A mind-set that I actually prefer.



Nicotine seems to have an interesting effect on me that is both calm and stimulating at the same time.


It has somehow been able to put me into the zone of whatever it is that I happen to be putting my efforts into at any given moment.


I really, truly do love nicotine.



For me, personally, there is a huge rush that comes from exploring and finding the many, many various ways in which people can combine parts and create their very own, personal experience of vaping, whether or not there is even any nicotine involved.



Now, I love this stuff more than nicotine its very self.



For me, personally, this stuff is truly powerful.


This journey has caused me to completely transform my relationship with my body.



I grew up with a heavy addiction to both soda and to fast-food.



I now find myself experimenting with various different healthy options for beverages, and eating both fruit and vegetables quite regularly…even including Kombucha.  I now love Kombucha.   It clears out any and all toxins from the body, and it then allows the body to come into an alignment that is chock-full of healthy gut bacteria.  Our regulatory system re-gains all of the lost cabin pressure. (Fight Club)



I am here to tell you that these choices really truly are yours to make.



Don’t you ever, ever let anyone tell you other-wise.



Just be sure to always remember that.





Until we shall meet again…


…stay strong



…vape strong…




Cheers to you and yours…



~~~Live – Learn – Educate~~~