notch coilsThese are amazing times indeed for the vaping world.  It is great to know that even though keeping this movement alive has been a constant effort, we have been able to keep up the progress in our vaping technology, step by step.  We have been able to keep this world alive and show the world that we know what to do.  It is a beautiful thing to see.

Now, we have made a new step in the advancement of our technology.

Atomizers.  The part of the e-cig which is responsible for the vaporization that has caused so much of a stir-up.

We are so used to thinking of atomizers as coils of wrapped wire.  For sub-ohm vapers, those coils can sometimes be a source of stress.  You either spend 20-30 minutes wrapping your coil and dealing with those tiny, easy to lose parts, or you spend around 22 dollars for a pack of 5 pre-made atomizers.  All of this does depend on the kind of e-cig that you purchase, but, it is still a very real consideration for sub-ohm vapers.

A company called JoyeTech has created a new kind of coil, called a Notch coil.  This coil is very different, and very effective.  It has received great consumer reviews.  Additionally, the ECCR, an e-cig news website, has published an online article about these new Notch coils.  It is a quite informative article.

The Notch coils are made up of a piece of 316 stainless with a .25 resistance, and are attached to your atomizer using two welded on lead wires, which have zero resistance.  The zero resistance lead wires, when combined with the larger surface area for the vaporization to take place, makes for a genius design.  If that sounds like you do not have to wrap coils anymore, then you are correct.  Convenient usability, luscious vapor, and succulent flavor.  I want to try this thing.

What’s more?  You can buy a pack of 5 of these things for under 10 dollars.  That is amazing.

A big round of applause to JoyeTech for hammering this one out.

You can see the full article at the ECCR website.

Keep on vapn’ everyone.

Safe travels.