affordable-vaping“The competition in the market is fierce and that works to our advantage as consumers.”

That is very true.  It is very possible to achieve a desirable, affordable vaping experience, and not dig a hole into your bank account.  All it takes is to be educated on the differences between the different types of e-cigs.  It is always recommended that you speak with a professional.

Essentially, there are three different categories of e-cigs:

  1. Standard
  2. Temperature Control, and
  3. Sub-Ohm

A standard e-cig might very well be what you think of when you imagine an e-cig.  This is the most basic level of e-cig use.  You get a small amount of vapor on a standard e-cig, compared to the other 2 types.  A standard e-cig is best for people who are either light smokers, or they just want to dip their toes in the pool.

A temperature controlled e-cig will give you a lot more vapor than a standard e-cig, but considerably less vapor than a sub-ohm e-cig, so you will get your fix of nicotine, no problem.  The benefit of having a temperature controlled e-cig is that you will not destroy your vaping experience by using too much energy at a time.  Think of e-cigs, not as a creator of electricity, but a conduit.  The energy needs a proper path to travel.  Just like a plumping pipe, if you have too much pressure within the pipe, the quality of the water coming straight out of the shoot will be of a different experience, or you will simply cause the pipes to burst.  The same is for e-cigs.  You can burn through fluid and coils and cotton and batteries, just because you were not aware of the qualities of the e-quipment that you have been using.

Sub-ohm e-cigs are used by the real vape lovers.  These people know what they want, and they know how to get it.  These e-cigs produce a massive amount of vapor.  They are ideal for either heavy smokers, or those just looking to chase some clouds.

That is a good starting point to take in and understand the rest of the information that is contained in this article.  The author of the article also does a very nice thing, which is immediately disregard any e-cig products that would ultimately be a waste of time for someone who has the goal of spending their money as efficiently and effectively as possible within the e-cig world.

There is a good amount to know.  The e-cig game is a bit more complex than the tobacco game.  Seek a professional, get affordable vaping and enjoy the experience!

You can read the full ECCR article here.