nicotineIf you do some research, you will quickly be scared into thinking that nicotine is one of the devil’s disciples, out there to cripple us with addiction, appealing to our desire for relaxation.  There’s nothing wrong with relaxing, right?  I sure don’t think so.

Based on another blog of mine, you can see that cigarettes mess with our body’s chemistry in ways that can be attributed to substances that have nothing with the use of nicotine alone.

What if we take that one step further, and really take a closer look at nicotine itself?  If nicotine alone is not responsible for the strong cravings that take hold when one is a user of pre-made cigarettes, then, what is it exactly that nicotine is doing to your brain?  Well, one man, a comedian, who goes by the name of Aaron Freeman, is curious about the same thing.  He compiled the proper research, and created a short video on YouTube to convey this inquiry.  I, personally, think he is onto something big and real.

Nicotine itself might not be the enemy that we make it out to be.  According to Aaron Freeman, “nicotine might very well be our long-time friend.”.

You can link to his YouTube video, here.