A-Marlboro-eCigWell, the time has come.  The world may need to say good-bye to a long time friend.  This friend has helped millions, upon millions of people in times of stress.  Like a mother, caressing our hearts and soothing our minds.  Some people say, however, that this mother is mis-lead.  They claim that all she does is put a band-aid on a wound, while the real trouble builds up inside.

You know who this mother is.  You know her well.  Her name is Marlboro.

What happened to Marlboro?

The other cigarette brands have been catching the e-cig wave with the Blu electronic cigarette and the Vuse e-cig, but where is Marlboro’s chip-in?  Are they not anteing up?

The writer of this article, Tyler McCanus, thinks that the MarkTen by Altria is Marlboro’s attempt at creating an e-cig, but, he reports, that e-cig has not caught on.

In this article, he asks a very good and interesting question.  He wonders whether actually using the Marlboro name would attract customers, or push them away.  He notes that “(F)for now there isn’t a Marlboro e-cig and it doesn’t seem to bother the millions of people who have already made the switch to vapor. With so many good options out there, smokers can start looking forward to a future without the products they used to rely on, and that’s just a good thing period.”

I think this article raises an interesting point about where the world currently is, and how far the e-cig industry has come, and how far we can still go.

The world is changing, and we, the people, are responsible.

As always, vape on.

You can read the full article here.