Bright future for ecigsI see a future for e-cigarettes.  I think the industry could be revolutionary to our world.  The health benefits are astounding.  E-cigarettes have helped millions of people quit smoking.  I, for one, believe that we are living in a time when the desire for e-cigs is far, far too strong to be ignored.  The people of America, frankly, are sick of being ignored, and this e-cig nonsense is the last straw.

However, to take that one step further, I think this whole movement is putting us on the cusp of having a world-wide awakening to the potential of technology, and in such a way, where it will be impossible for us to take technology for granted ever again.

Think about it.  When do most people care about technology?  When they seek comfort.  Whether we are using a GPS to go to the grociery store, or looking on the internet for the best prices on shoes, or just watching Archer on Netflix, we are really just using technology to try to make our lives more comfortable.

However, what would happen to this world, if we began to look at technology in a new way.  What if we look at technology as something that we have a symbiosis with, rather than just looking at it as a tool?  A tool is something you use to accomplish a task.  A symbiosis, on the other hand, is a give and take.  It is a two-way road.  There is an exchange of information that is bestowed with a sense of purpose and meaning.  Sure, that may be something that takes place in the human realm, but so what?  If we have the ability to create and use something that works with us, rather than just for us, shouldn’t we embrace that possibility and way of thinking.

Ultimately, everything in our environment is in constant symbiosis.  That is what an ecosystem is.  Seemingly separate entities, which, in fact, move in conjunction with each other.  Each thing could not be what it is without the existence of everything else around it.  Every piece matters.

You see, e-cigs have become part of the human ecosystem.  They have replaced the largest addiction in our country, next to alcohol, and they have done so through technology.  The e-cig is lodged into two worlds at once.  The natural, and the man-made.  Once this movement has done it’s work, nothing will ever be the same.

I, for one, am looking forward to the changes.  I think no matter what happens, when happens next will be revolutionary.  One way, or another, we are gonna come out on the other end with a recognition that we are a species which has taken its own symbiotic nature for granted, and just how profound of an effect that gloss-over has had on us.

On that note, I think we are in a good position today.  People are are waking up, and things will never be the same.  We have already won.

As always, keep on vapin’ everyone!

Safe travels.