mmMichael Mosley.

He is a doctor from the UK.  He has taken it upon himself to satisfy his curiosity of e-cigs, and in the process, inform the world.

He made a documentary that follows a one month-long case study.

For the case study, he recruited a relatively small number of people, about 75 people.  Each of those people were heavy smokers who have either tried to quit and failed, or are super ready to quit.  He randomly divided the smokers into three groups, which would end up using different methods of quitting smoking for four weeks.  In that way, Dr. Michael Mosley was aiming to be able to have a fair comparison of the different quitting methods.  Those three methods were nicotine replacement therapy (use of a patch), cold turkey, and e-cigs.  To make this study even more fair and balanced, Dr. Mosley, who had never even had a drag of a cigarette before doing this study, took it upon himself to vape for four weeks.

His documentary shows a lot of the results that we have been waiting for.

Filled with conversations with scientist and e-cig users, this documentary is a must see.

There is a nice little introduction to his documentary, that you can see here.

You can see the full documentary here.

This is much needed information that is contained in these bits of media.

Also, if you want to see an e-cig conversation with Doctor John Britton from the UK College of Physicians, you can view that here.

As always, fellow comrades, keep on vapin’.

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