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Collector Packaging Now Retired! Flavors still available as Lazarus Originals…
Made Men Collection | Olympus Collection | Escapes Collection

With over two years of successful production of custom lines of ejuice for private label customers, the Chef at Global Vapery decided to develop a special collectable line of ejuice. The result of this effort is The Lazarus Collectors Series.

The Lazarus Collectors Series is a group of unique, delicious and premium quality eCig liquids. Flavors are released in groups of 5 collectible themed bottles.

The release of each bottle in a collection is a limited edition and not all flavors are produced in equal quantities. Thus, some flavors will be harder to find than others. Of course, you may trade bottles with friends to complete your set.

Once a bottle has been retired, the flavor itself will remain available in generic packaging allowing you to continue to enjoy the flavors you have grown to love as you acquire new delicious flavor collections.

Currently Available Collections