California vapeCalifornia. I was checking out the ECCR today, and I came across a wonderful article that says everything that I have been saying, plus it takes the time to shut down the world of pseudo-science, which seems to be pretty intent on helping big money pull its strings.

A group of researchers at UC San Diego recently retracted and changed a conclusion that they had made, which found that nicotine vapor damages lung cells.  They are now admitting that the study that they performed was “deeply flawed…(T)the cells tested were altered and the vapor that was used was not reflective of what a person using an e-cigarette would experience.”

As you can see, that research truly was pseudo-science.  They didn’t just fudge up the conclusion, they fudged up the experiment itself.

The scientists at UC San Diego have now come to a new conclusion.  Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander, a specialist in lung diseases at UC San Diego came out to say that, “cigarette smoke contains several toxic and dangerous chemicals that are not in e-cig vapor. E-cigarettes can deliver nicotine without most of the harmful effects of smoking. (she) estimates vaping to be 80% safer than smoking.”

This is amazing news.  This makes the strength on our side exponentially stronger.

Never give up, comrades.

Keep on vapin’.


Safe travels.