I am fortunate to have never smoked cigarettes. Unfortunately, I watched my wife’s addiction to cigarettes grow into a lifelong poor heath choice. This poor choice led to a week long visit to intensive care due to a combination of her smoking habit and asthma. After many years of badgering, I could not persuade her to stop or curb her desire to smoke. Because of the seriousness of this, I have always been in search for a product that would help my wife satisfy her unhealthy cigarette craving with a much healthier product. The main driver was obviously my fear of her receiving serious irreversible injury from this prolonged habit.

Her continued use of cigarettes aggravated her asthma and caused her to need to purchase inhalers and prescriptions to treat her breathing condition. The cost of these treatments rose to well over $2,500 dollars in inhalers and medication annually. This did not include the thousands of dollars she spent on the constantly rising cost of cigarettes.

Fortunately, over three years ago, I found that solution in e-cigarettes. She was instantly converted and the she immediately realized a significant health benefit. Her need for this medication dropped to limited use for the effects of plant and animal allergies. Our medical expense is currently below $500 per year for her asthma. The other benefit is that she has many more choices with this new product and is fully satisfying her craving at significantly lower costs.

I witnessed many more similar examples of this type of conversion from friends or other people I met. I knew I wanted to help as many people as I could and is why I decided to become a manufacturer of E-Juice two and a half years ago. My BS degree in biological chemical science and 30 years’ experience in medical device and drug delivery manufacture were a great resource to produce these products. Our product quality caught on and we were able to acquire several private label customers.  This lead to the creation of The Global Vapery.  Global is an OEM manufacturer dedicated to produce the finest and safest E-Juice





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