Nunchaku Vape Pen!

The new vape in town!






Good day to you, dear citizens of the world.


It seems that the world of vaping continues to grow…leading us to more and more opportunities to switch to good health.  I am proud to be a member of such an industry that is based on community and building a sense of well-being for all.  As the vaping industry evolves, then so too does the world, and then so too does the vaping community.  It is a full-circle situation in which all parties gradually learn and grow to become better at helping the world at large.


Vaping is a lot more than just an alternative way to get your dose of nicotine.  Vaping is a revolution, and it all starts with the conjoined relationship between the industry and the individual.  Health is now oriented around the community as a whole, rather than simply the individual.


What this means is that there is a huge potential for a movement on the massive global scale.  The thing that makes the vaping industry so unique is that it signals the need for collective improvement, rather than simply targeting one or more vastly varied communities.  The seeking out of better and better ways to vape holds the great potential to have a vast and powerful impact on culture itself.  Those who take part in the vaping community are actually part a world-wide domain, which means that we are no longer restricted by locality.


The movement towards vaping is all about a greater movement towards global health measures, which can have both a direct and indirect influence on each individual.


As such, we are now seeing the emergence of a possible new super-power coming to the fore-front of the e-cigarette movement.  The Uwell Nunchaku kit from Hong-Kong is bringing a new mood to the town of e-cigs.  What they have presented us with is a device which carries with it an atomizer that is absolutely breath-taking in its abilities.  With their atomizer you now get large clouds with the use of less wattage.  This technology is both efficient with juice and saves on power.  This new device seems like it may really be a match made in heaven.


I have been fortunate enough to be given a chance to be able to try this device out for myself.  This device, hands down, creates the most smooth and satisfying cloud that I have yet to experience from any e-cig that has been prior to this one.  This product screams to me as a delicious new purchase, and I do plan on getting one for myself.


For the purposes of being able to provide you with more information about this new device, I have found 2 reviews for this device that are much worth your time to take a look at.  One of the reviews is in more of a blog format, so it does require you to do a little bit of reading.  The other review was done in a video format, which enables you to relax while you listen and watch the review.  Both of the reviews are quite thorough and do include both the pros and the cons of this device.


In addition, I have also found a website that is not only selling this new product, but also contains a good break-down of what to expect with this device.  I highly recommend checking out all 3 sources, as all of them flow together to create a nice over-lay of information.  My goal here is to enhance one’s understanding of what it is that takes this new vaping device onto a whole new level of both performance and personal enjoyment.


If you wish to begin by checking out the video review, then you can proceed by clicking on the following link.


If you would like to read about the device, then this link will bring you to the written review.


If you would like to go ahead and purchase this device for yourself, then please direct yourself to the following link.


If you happen to be lucky enough to run into one of these things, or perhaps you have purchased one for yourself, then please feel free to leave a comment or make a suggestion!


I hope this post has been both informative and enlightening for those of you who see the beauty of change.


It is time for me to go now…SO!


…until next time…


Keep your ear to the ground…and one licked finger in the air…


Safe travels.


Peace, Love, and Cheers!


Vape on…and stay strong.



~~~Live – Learn – Educate~~~