vaping_3Hey everyone.

So, I have been vaping for about a year now.  As I vape, I have been becoming more conscious about my health, in general.  As I have been becoming more conscious of my health, I find myself trying to come up with ideas of new or fun ways that I could use different vape flavors to create a transition in my diet.  I am definitely a pop drinker, but I want to be taking in healthy things now.  I want more kale shakes, and less McDonalds.

One of the biggest threats to our health, is sweets.  To be honest, I have always liked sweets, but, until recently, I had never really craved them.  I would want like one chocolate bar a year.  Now, things are different for me.  Over the past year, I have gained a job making Kimchi, and it is quite a physical job.  It’s actually great for me.  I love being physical.  I have noticed, though, that I really crave sweets a lot more often.  At least once every two weeks.  Now that this change has happened to me, it has me looking at e-juice flavors in a whole new way.

Dessert flavors?  Coffee flavors?  Fruit flavors?

I think each variety of flavors in the e-cig world has something to offer.  Yes, I did not mention the tobacco flavor category, because the benefits of that particular one seem pretty obvious.  You will probably like the tobacco flavors if you feel attached to tobacco.

I would like to take the time, however, to point out the perhaps less than obvious benefits that could be considered for all of the other categories that were aforementioned.

Dessert flavors.  So good.  You can literally taste cookie dough ice-cream all day if you want to.  What about a creme brulee?  Cinnamon roll?  The point I am getting to here is, what if you substituted your sweets with e-juice?  You could pretend that you are eating chocolate all day, or cheese cake.  The people who are looking to clean up their diet by eating less sweets should really consider picking up some e-juice that mimics those flavors that we all love so much.

Coffee.  If you are like me, you LOVE coffee.  I would drink it all day every day if it wouldn’t give me dry-mouth.  I used to drink at least three pots a day when I started going to school.  If you are one of those people that is trying to get rid of that morning coffee to save your teeth, try vaping on a coffee flavored e-juice.  You could even get seperate chocolate and caramel flavors and mix them in!  Having a coffee flavored e-liquid could get you off of that habit of feeling like you need actual coffee.  Why not give it a try?

Back to my coffee struggle.  Eventually, I had to switch to energy drinks, because of the dry-mouth.  Then, I went through a period where I drank way too many energy drinks, too.  After a few years of energy drinks and fast food, I noticed that my health was starting to get kind of bad. (dur, right?)  However, I did not yet take it as seriously as I do now.  I pretty much stopped eating so much fast food, and started drinking Mountain Dew instead of Monster.  It’s a step….right?

Well, come into the present day, and I am now out of school, and eating store-bought food that doesn’t make me feel like crap afterwards, and I am drinking Mio instead of pop.  I also drink more juice, tea, and milk.  However, now, I am also looking to be more healthy by choosing the right e-cig flavors.  Occasionally, I will treat myself to some kind of organic drink, like Kombucha.

Fruit.  If you love fruit roll-ups, and you are trying to eat more apples and oranges, dig into the fruit section.  Love that sugary, store-bought grape juice?  Try some grape e-juice!  You love mountain dew?  Try a lemon-lime flavor!  It all depends on your situation and perspective.  You could train your body to go from expecting sugary, unhealthy food and drinks, to expecting healthy, natural food and drinks.

You see, vaping doesn’t have to just be about smelling better and breathing better or just having fun.  It can really help your all-around health.  Vaping doesn’t just offer an alternative to smoking.  It offers total well-being.

Share the news, everyone.

Thank you for reading.

Safe travels.