second-handOne of the discussions that has come up due to the up-rising of e-cigs, is the concern of second-hand inhalation effects.  The second-hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes is really bad for people, so, it really is natural for people to worry, I feel.

However, a recent study shows that while the chemicals that are found in tobacco cigarettes linger in the air for some time following their combustion, there was reportedly “no accumulation of particles…(that) registered in the room following e-cigarette use.”  These results have been found by a highly regarded university in Lithuania and a major Swiss laboratory, and reported by Dr. O’Connell, who is Vice President of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs of the company Fontem Ventures.  If you do not know of the company Fontem Ventures, they are the owners of the Blu e-cig.

The conclusion of this study is simple, but very important.  I urge everyone to use discernment when it comes to facts.  Seek to see that the information actually makes sense to you, to the best of your abilities.  Some people have money as their motive, not your well-being.

In the meantime, I just take heed in the fact that there are enough credible people in the world who take this e-cig movement seriously enough to speak out on behalf of the e-cig community.  The support is amazing.

You can read the full article at the ECCR News website, here.

Keep vapin’ everyone.

Safe travels.