The Juul e-cig






Have you heard all the hubbub going around?


There is a new device that has been floating around for a little bit, and I would like to take the time to talk about it.


What I am doing is actually shedding light onto an e-cig product that is a new style of e-cig, but it wound up in the hands of teenagers, and unfortunately, wound up in the hands of controversy.  Let us take a closer look at this device, as I have recently tried it myself.  I am speaking, if you have not heard, about a particular product that has been sublimely titled…the Juul.


Without any further suspense…let’s dig in!


I am shocked.  I have gone through a variety of different pen vape sticks, and I currently vape on a couple different mods, and I have never, ever had an e-cig like this one.  It vapes, dare I say, like a cigarette.  There is no button.  You simply inhale.  I felt the vapor in my lungs pretty much immediately, and then proceeded to blow out a small cloud, which disappeared relatively quickly.  Imagine using one of those original e-cigs that actually looks like a cigarette, the difference being that this one actually works.


It operates very, very simply.  You purchase, separately, a box of 4 cartridges, already filled with the e-juice.  The box says there is a 5% level of nicotine, which is the perfect level of nicotine for anyone who is simply looking to quit smoking.  In addition to that, a full charge will last for up to 3 days.  Yes, you read that right.  Three days.


The Juul, although having been wrapped up in a cloudy controversy, is actually absolutely perfect for someone who just wants to satisfy their desire for nicotine out of their vaping.  This product is a curious one, and could also be a fun one for someone who wants to try something a little bit different.


I showed this new product to my Mother, who is a frequent smoker, but has not really been able to find a style of vaping that is comfortable for her.  She, like me, has gone through a few different pen-style vape sticks, and has also tried my various mods, and was not finding a good match that is suitable to her needs.  She now owns one and is very happy with it.  She is slowly cutting back on the cigarettes, and is well on her way to taking charge over her addiction.  This thing is no joke.  We both fell in love with it immediately.


If you are at all curious about the Juul, they also happen to have a phenomenal website that you can check out.  Complete with testimonials, and the ability to purchase the sacred Juul for yourself.  Heck, you could even surprise someone by giving it to them as a gift!


Let me say this.  It is, by far…by far the least intimidating looking e-cig that I have ever seen.  I might just be biased, but this device actually has the opposite effect on me, regardless of the controversy that has been called into action.  To me, personally…it feels very welcoming.


Here is the link for you to check out their website for yourself, and to rise above the hubbub!


JUUL | The Smoking Alternative, unlike any E-Cigarette or Vape




Hopefully you will be able to find your perfect fit, and lift the weight of addiction from your shoulders.


Until then, I will see you around the bend.



Please do leave a comment if you have had any experiences with this device, whether it be good or bad.  Feel free to make a suggestion, as well, as any bit of information could help the next person to stop smoking…and for good.


Peace, Love, and Cheers everybody!


Happy traveling.


Vape on.


~~~Live – Learn – Educate~~~