Largest-Ever-Survey-Takes-A-Wrecking-Ball-To-The-Idea-That-eCigs-Dont-Help-Smokers-QuitIn what is probably the largest e-cig survey conducted to date, 90% of people who vape report to have used e-cigs to quit smoking completely.

The study surveyed 20,000 vapers, which is 10 times the amount of most surveys that have been seen to date.

They were able to group the results into three categories:

  1. 90% of the people quit smoking completely.
  2. 5% of the people now smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day.
  3. 99% of the vapors reported that they would go back to cigarettes if they could not use an e-cig.

These findings are just one more sign of the immense strength that is behind this e-cig movement.  Some might even say that the support is powerful.

This article also mentions that even the CDC’s research (an anti-vaping organization), shows, over-time, that vaping helps people to quit smoking.

The author notes that “(D)despite their own bias and reluctance to confront the truth about ecigs, the CDC’s own vaping data shows that ecigs help smokers. The CDC found that more than 50% of people that have quit smoking in the last year used ecigs.”

This is proof that the good will prevail with time.

The author sums up the oddity that is our current situation in the e-cig community:

“The data from opponents and proponents alike is clear. Ecigs are helping smokers. There are, of course, officials trying to claim that ecigs are as dangerous as cigarettes but the most comprehensive study to date has exposed the ridiculousness of trying to say that ecigs are as bad as smoking. Public Health England has found positively that ecigs are at least 95% safer than cigarettes. It is not a close call.”

The e-cig industry is proving to be a force that is rolling in with intensity.

I think this article is important, because it not only educates people, but it shows how wrong the anti-vaping side has been with their conclusions.  It makes sense to me that the more we can educate people, the more people will see that working with this movement is the way to go for everyone’s sake, including their own.

I, for one, have total faith that we can and will educate and change the world.

Vape on, fellow comrades.

You can read the full article here.