Nicotine What's your craveThe story gets more interesting.

Personally, I have been making the switch from cigarettes to vaping for roughly 9 months now.  I was really, really addicted to cigarettes & Nicotine, so the switch was gradual for me.  Now that I am fully into the e-cig wave, I have noticed something that strikes me as very interesting.

As a former smoker, I really know the feeling of having a cigarette craving.  It is harsh and grating.  Almost relentless.  However, I have been noticing something new over the past couple of weeks.  Something that I did not expect.  Something, quite interesting.

I have been noticing that I feel a pull towards the e-cig that is separate from the pull that I feel towards a cigarette.  What I mean by that, is, the e-cig craving has different qualities than the cigarette craving. It is not aggravating.  It is not nagging.  It doesn’t make you “itch for a fix”. It is simply a desire that comes up, and you deal with it when you can.  Now, isn’t that nice?  That nasty, aching feeling that you are used to calling a cigarette craving, is actually your body reacting to the myriad of chemicals found in manufactured, packaged cigarettes, NOT the nicotine.

In an article that I found on the Psychology Today website, there was a wonderful excerpt which shows that by dealing with pre-made cigarettes, you are dealing with a lot more than you have bargained for:

“Using advanced neuroimaging technology, research is beginning to show that nicotine may not be the only psychoactive ingredient in tobacco. Scientists can see the dramatic effect of cigarette smoking on the brain and are finding a marked decrease in the levels of monoamineoxidase (MAO), an enzyme responsible for breaking down dopamine. The change in MAO must be caused by some tobacco smoke ingredient other than nicotine, since nicotine itself does not dramatically alter MAO levels. The decrease in two forms of MAO, A and B, results in higher dopamine levels. The need to sustain the high dopamine levels results in the desire for repeated drug use.”

That on its own shows that nicotine alone might not be as addictive as everyone thinks it is.  There are other things, other substances, that are at play in manufactured cigarettes.

I see this as an important thing to point out, because I feel like that awful, nagging feeling that people get who have been smoking for 30, 40, 50 years, is what keeps many of them at bay.  Those chemicals that they add to pre-made cigarettes trick you into thinking that you need the nicotine.  You don’t.  What is happening is that your body is reacting to those additives.  It is not natural for the human body to crave those added substances, so, the more you give in to that awful, nagging feeling by using tobacco that has additives, the more you are increasing your risk of cancer.  There is no research that truly shows, incontravertantly, that nicotine alone causes cancer.  E-liquide does not give you cancer.  E-liquid does not contain added substances that will eat at your body and play with your chemistry and make you think that you are craving something that you are not.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you could have a smoke break, but you don’t absolutely need one?  Switch to e-cigs.  You will be amazed.

Keep in mind, however, that it takes time.  Keep a pack around you if you need the help of a midwife, but keep them out of eyesight.  Keep your e-cig around you whenever you can.  Take vapes off of it just for fun. Introduce it to your body.  Show your body that there is another option.

Generally, it is a lot easier to deal with something once you really know what it is that you are dealing with.

With that in mind, keep on vapin’ on, and let those old chains melt away.

If you want to see the full article at Psychology Today, click here.