Nickel Coil

An important part of e-cig use is safety.  Without the proper knowledge, you could be putting you and your equipment at risk.
It is advised that people get to know the risks of using nickel wire to make coils.

So, let me fill you in:

There are two kinds of wire that coils are made from.  One of them is called kanthal A-1 and the other one is nickel.  Kanthal A-1 is made from three different kinds of metal.  Those metals are iron, chromium, and aluminum.  Those metals are used in common house-hold products, and are totally safe to use on an e-cig.

Nickel, however, is potentially harmful, even dangerous, when heated. This is a sign that we must take the use of nickel wire as a way to inhale vapor, quite seriously.  Nickel can only be heated to a certain temperature, before it releases fumes and becomes toxic.  This toxicity comes with severe health risks, including the possibility of cancer.  If you would like to read more about nickel, its uses, and the risks involved in using it, you can go to

Unfortunately, e-cigs have not been tested to see if the nickel is getting heated up enough to emit fumes.  We need to get our government officials to pass a law that will regulate this issue.  With the proper communications, there is no reason why we can’t have safe regulation within the e-cig industry.

I hope this message is received by everyone who uses an e-cig, and I remain positive that the proper communications can be established, so that we can reach those to whom this message would be of concern.

Thank you for your time and consideration.