This is very encouraging for the e-cig community.  These are the people who give momentum to this movement.  E-Cig Regulation is the only logical way to go.  The more congressmen we have talking about and encouraging this movement, the more e-cigarettes will be released of their borderline-taboo reputation.  I will always argue that the answer is simple.  Education and regulation.  This is a product which holds a lot of benefit for a lot of people, and most people use their e-cigarettes wisely.  It is the few who do not use caution when they use an e-cigarette who we read about in the news.  They use too much power on too high of a resistance.  There is also the problem with using nickel coils to vape.  At a high enough temperature, nickel releases fumes that are harmful to us, and e-cigarettes have not been tested to see if this is happening.

The thing about all of this that seems so simple to me, is that we have the people in the world who know how to put this stuff to the test, and we also have the people in the world who know how to create a safe environment in which to use an e-cigarette.  All we need, is education and regulation.  Please, reach out, and get the conversation going.  Let’s change the minds of the rest of the congressmen.

Everyone knows that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and this chain of congressmen just showed us its underbelly.  I say let’s scratch the animal and get him to roll over for us.  The only thing they want is for us to show them that we can handle it.  We got the people, we got the know-how, and we got the desire.

Let’s do this.
Congressman defends right to vape on flights.