UK VapingThe UK is stepping up!  We are now getting the news that the e-cig community has been waiting to see.  Thank you, England, for your valuable and valiant effort.

Now, this is not, in the traditional sense, a “news report”, but it is a “news” report.  It is a report, done by the Royal College of Physicians in England, and it contains the kind of of information that our grass roots need to grow.  It is full of truth and honesty.  The report is made up of a list of recommendations, which, after reading them, feel more like factual tidbits to me.  Tidbits that carry strength, when you really stop to think about them.  The list is preceded by a short paragraph that basically tells you that tobacco is bad and that we should be more concerned about creating a world that is tobacco free.

The list includes bullet points that run through the broken down thought process of the physicians in the UK.  It is honest, and, ultimately, to the point.  Tyler, one of the writers at the ECCR website, says that this situation is not idea, but that it is progress.  I would actually argue that this situation is very ideal.  The thing that we are lacking in the U.S. is having any real focus on regulation.  I think we all know that regulation is the ultimate goal, but everything just gets so cloudy on the receiving side of things over here in America.  This report is so beautiful, because not only does it admit that vaping is way better for you than tobacco cigarettes, but it also gives us information that allows us to really start to lean towards regulation, rather than just fighting to get to what the dang truth is.

One of the powerful bullet-points included in the report said,”the hazard to health arising from long-term vapour inhalation from the e-cigarettes available today is unlikely to exceed 5% of the harm from smoking tobacco.”  Way to go England!  This is exactly the kind of thing that we need to see.  It is real, it is honest, and it is what all vapers have thought since day one.

Take a bow, England.  The world thanks you.

This is a powerful report, and an absolutely beautiful source to get it from.

You can view the report for yourself, right here.

From across the pond, safe travels.