Dr-Michael-SiegelRegarded tobacco control expert, Dr. Michael Siegel, is, today, a strong voice who is taking a stand against the faux information that anti-vaping groups have been deploying into the world.

Here, I will pull an excerpt from an article that I found.  I think it is a good introduction for who this man is:

“Dr. Siegel has a reputation for beginning with a neutral starting point, critically analyzing data and honestly reporting the results. As a result, he has become an advocate of electronic cigarette technology and the potential that e-cigs hold to possibly make cigarettes obsolete. Today, he writes a very popular blog called The Rest Of The Story : Tobacco News Analysis And Commentary. Dr. Siegel regularly uses his blog as a vehicle to analyze e-cig studies and call out sham, biased e-cig studies.”

He wrote this article that I found to call out his former mentor, Dr. Stanton Glantz, who wrote an article claiming that e-cigs actually encourage people to use real cigarettes.  According to Dr. Siegel, however, and I quote, “(T)they were asked one question and one question only about vaping. They were asked “Have you used an e-cig in the last year?”.  To that, Dr. Michael Siegel responded in the following way:

“By assuming that the e-cigarette use preceded the changes in smoking status, the paper authors and Dr. Glantz are able to misrepresent the study as showing that vaping leads to progression to smoking among baseline nonsmokers and impedes smoking cessation among baseline smokers. But the truth is that the findings could be presented in the exact opposite way.”

The writer of this article responded perfectly.  He uses clear, simple logic.  Dr. Seigel then goes on to say that “(T)the corrupt methodology used and the way the findings were presented showed an intent to misinform the public. There is a real war on e-cigs, and Dr. Glantz, if he were able to see things clearly, would come to understand that by attacking vaping, he is only helping Big Tobacco.”

This guy is on point.  He is saying exactly what he needs to say to point out the sham artists who call themselves anti-vapers.  They are afraid to look at the reality and do the real research.  In my opinion, you can’t really say that you are afraid of something, if you don’t really know what it is that you think you are afraid of.  Anti-vapers are not afraid of vaping, they are afraid of the unknown.

Dr. Michael Siegel is exactly who we need on our side, and especially at this time.  The e-cig pot is boiling, and all eyes are on us.  PERfect timing.

This is great work done by a great man.

Dr. Michael Siegel is a must know.

You can read the full article here.