e-Cig Blows UpI came across an article that is a perfect example of why education and regulation are absolutely vital for this movement.  Towards the end, the article mentions that “(E)explosions with the e-cigs have been linked to faulty batteries, research from the U.S. Fire Administration showed.” Now, what this tells me, having taken a class on statistics at a University, is that this statement can be translated to, “explosions are related to misuse of equipment.”

Statistics have a funny way of making you think that they are stating a black and white fact, when, in reality, they are only sign-posts.  What that means is, you still have to consider the underlying reality that is happening along with every single statistic that you come across.

Now, my response to that is, if we focus on education and regulation, I do not see any reason why unfortunate events like this can’t be avoided.  People have been using electronic cigarettes for years, and events like this are only happening, because the industry is blossoming in an environment that lacks proper knowledge of how to use e-cig products responsibly.  There is plenty of evidence to support that e-cigarettes are a safe choice.  If nothing else, what this article should show us is that education is important, not only for enlightening people to the health benefits of e-cigarettes, but also for the sake of responsible use of e-cigarette products.

I found the original article in the News section of the New York Daily News website.


You can click this link to go directly to the article – Original Article


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