Events like this point to why regulation and e-cig safety are so important.  We need to know the equipment that we are using, and the limitations of it.  Just like anything that is powered with electricity, you need to be careful.  I cannot entirely blame consumers for not knowing exactly what to do, because the e-cig industry does not get put through rigorous testing.  Some people buy the products, and then automatically assume that everything that you can do with them is 100% safe to do.
I, personally, think that because people have grown to see so much normalcy in cigarettes, that people are that much more likely assume that nothing at all could go wrong.  Well, what we have been seeing, as of late, has shown us that some unwelcome occurrences can take place.  Fortunately, these problems are not so big, that we can’t tackle them.  All it takes is education, and regulation.  I urge everyone to reach out and get the conversation going, so that we can show the powers that be that this is something that is beneficial, something that we know how to do, and it is something that we want to do.