sub-ohm vape-kitThis vape kit comes with everything you need to get started vaping, including e-juice, for less than $40!

The Apollo Ohm Go vape kit.  This is the latest in e-cig technology.  I think this may be competition for the Kangertech SUBOX Mini.  Until now, there was one, perfect e-cig for people who are serious about e-cigs, but are new to it.  I own a white Kangertech SUBOX Mini, myself, and I love it.

Now, there’s a contender.  the Apollo Ohm Go vape kit.  This e-cig runs up to 50 watts, comes with everything you need, including your first supply of fluid, and you get it all for less than $40.  I purchased my SUBOX Mini for roughly $80, and that did not include the fluid, so this Apollo e-cig appears to be a bit of competition!

I love sub-ohm vaping, and I want to see what the Apollo Ohm Go vape kit has to offer.

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