FormaldehydeFormaldehyde is a natural byproduct of human metabolism.any carcinogenic or toxic compounds found in e-juice have been so far below OSHA exposure standards as not to be of concern for the user or to any one else as a secondary exposure risk. Nicotine in the amounts found in both cigarettes and e-juice is not a concern. It’s the material in burnt plant matter that kills you, people who have never used a tobacco product do not develop a dependency to nicotine. No entrapping a whole new generation to addiction here.

Please note, we are not saying formaldehyde is a good or safe thing, simply that it is not the “smoking gun” in eCigs that everyone wants to find. Most of the so-called studies that find formaldehyde in eCigs have used unrealistic testing circumstances and have gone beyond where any rational vape user would go. Additionally, (and more importantly) eLiquids are far safer than traditional cigarettes and that’s a fact you can take to the bank.

Personally, we wish as much time and money was being spent on helping people quit smoking tobacco as it is for a safer alternative like vaping, nicotine patches and pills. All of the negative misinformation being spread out there by the powers that be only serves to hurt a legitimate product with the highest success rate for getting people off of deadly cigarettes. Newsweek magazine ran an article about a study showing the success rates of smoking alternatives.  “The research, published in the journal Addiction, also found that e-cigarette users were nearly 60 percent more likely to quit tobacco than smokers who go cold turkey. Researchers surveyed 5,863 smokers from 2009 and 2014 and found that of those who switched to e-cigs, 20 percent said they quit smoking with the help of these devices.”

Please be sure to look at the sources and motivations of irresponsible articles regarding vaping and formaldehyde. Follow the money….